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  • SPAM Filtering

    I get a lot of SPAM. I’ve had the same e-mail address for 10 years, and I don’t hide it. In general, I’m very happy with a combination of spamassassin running on the server, and OS X’s SPAM filtering on the client. In order to avoid losing false positives I have a Junk folder […]

  • CAPTCHA with Seam in Three Minutes

    Adding a CAPTCHA to a form using Seam is easy now that Seam is bundling jCaptcha. The Seam documentaiton is good, and can be found in section 13.9 here: If you used seam-gen to create your project, you will need to make a few changes. First, you need to modify your project’s ant build […]

  • How to cleanout your postfix queues by sender

    This post is mostly to help me remember how to do this, if the situation arises again. I just had a lot of mail backup on my server. The 10MinuteMail inbox was over 300 MB (usually it kept below a megabyte), Postfix’s active queue was maxed out at 20,003 entries (why the 3, I don’t […]

  • Spam

    When I launched, tons of forum admins decried the idea. They screamed that it would let spammers on to their forums, and that they wouldn’t sell e-mail lists to spammers, etc… A month goes by, and let’s see what we have. My server used to get around 200-300 e-mail a day. In the past […]