Always Think About Ways To Sell Your Brand

Our next door neighbor has had a tree service working at his house for the past couple of days. They are trimming trees, cutting down trees, and removing fallen branches. It’s not quiet work, so all the surrounding neighbors know what’s happening.

And we’re all thinking the same thing: “Oh! I should really get around to calling a tree service one of these days, and taking care of my own tree problems.”

This winter was exceptionally icy, and as such tons of branches fell, power was out for days at a time, and we all spent some time staring up at large icy covered branches that extend over our houses looking worried. We all have the same problems, it’s just that my neighbor was the first one to actually call a tree service, and get things taken care of.

The tree service is missing a HUGE opportunity. I’m not going to walk over there, and interrupt them while they’re cutting logs up with chainsaws to ask for a card. However, if one of them popped by and said “Hey, we were doing some work next door, and I couldn’t help by notice that you have some branches overhanging your house. Here is our card, please feel free to give us a call.”, of if I wasn’t home they could leave a short letter, I’d almost certainly end up calling them. So would every neighbor nearby.

They could easily turn every job into 4-6 new jobs, and it wouldn’t cost them anything.

What sales opportunities are you missing?





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