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I’ve been having issues with my cable modem rebooting itself multiple times a day for the past month or so. The Comcast techs can’t figure out why. I’ve tried a new modem, router attached, router off, different wall outlets, different cables, etc… My setup has been the same for about two years, and then all of a sudden it just start rebooting. Usually at the worst times: uploading a large file, playing Halo 3, video chat with co-workers, etc…

At least it’s fast:






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  1. Devon Avatar

    Update: A new tech came out and found a bad run of cable which was creating a huge amount of line noise. Ran some new cable. Things should be fixed. I hope:) So far so good.

  2. Dude Avatar

    That is extremely fast. I live in Spain and I just upgraded from 1 MB download (800kb really) to 3 (anywhere from 1900kb to 2800) and I notice a huge difference. I’ve never used a connection that fast before; it should be great.

    Glad you’re back to normal now.

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