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A framework for building Shopify Apps using Java Spring Boot

It’s time to celebrate!

As you may have seen, we’ve been asking Can You Build A Shopify App Using Java Spring Boot?  And also posted a helpful guide about how to handle Shopify Embedded App Installation and Auth.  Well, we’ve finally published the first version of what we’ve been working on!

Our Spring Shopify App Framework is a framework for building a Shopify App, using Spring Boot.  It handles App installation, for both Standalone and Embedded Apps, with basic front ends for each type .  It has clients for both the Shopify REST API and the GraphQL API.  It has all the required webhooks for App uninstall and GDPR requests.  There is room for improvement and polishing, but it’s a working framework, and should save anyone wanting to write a Shopify App using Java, a lot of time and headaches.

Check it out!  Log issues, submit PRs, enjoy!  Thanks!






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