How to get RichFaces to not crash Safari

RichFaces, a collection of open source JSF Components for building “rich” AJAXy interfaces, unfortunately makes Safari crash or hang or lock up with many of it’s components.

I’m not the one who figured this out, but I wanted to document it here.

You can solve this the same way you solve the JSF/Google Ad issue:

Add this just before the tag on your .xhtml pages or template file:





4 responses to “How to get RichFaces to not crash Safari”

  1. koen Avatar

    i’m having issues in combination with javascript generated in AJAX request. on the first request, the content type is text/html en the generated javascript is than not put inside a CDATA block (which is an xml thing).

    after an AJAX requests, i get errors on firefox, as the contentType of the response is set to text/xml but the javascript is NOT put inside a CDATA block.

    to fix this, i guess the javascript code should be put inside a CDATA block or the AJAX response content type should be text/html to.

  2. Devon Avatar

    Yes, you’ll have to do one or the other. What software/framework/code are you using to generate the AJAX response?

  3. inhumanbean Avatar

    Thanks for the tip!..worked like a charm…merci boquet.

  4. Anderson Brodka Avatar
    Anderson Brodka

    Keep working ,great job!

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