Let's Talk Speed!

Let’s Talk Speed!

I’m excited to be presenting at another Boston Web Performance Group Meetup.  On Tuesday September 18th, 2012 I will be co-presenting with my co-worker Steve Hall on Load Testing and Performance Analytics with JMeter and New Relic.  We work together at Spark::red providing very FAST managed ATG Oracle Commerce Hosting.

Steve will be showing how to generate load testing traffic using JMeter, and how you can use Cloud VM instances to spin up as many load generation nodes as you need, located anywhere in the world you want to be generating traffic from.

Then I’ll be showing how you can use New Relic to identify performance statistics and rapidly identify bottlenecks in your web application based on real user traffic or in this case simulated load.

It should be an interesting and hopefully enlightening evening with hands on real life demonstrations of the tools and how to apply them to increase your web application performance.  There will also be some awesome giveaways in addition to the standard pizza and excellent company that the Boston Web Performance Meetups offer.  So sign up and come on by!  I hope to see you there!


Check out this article as well about JMeter testing – http://www.guru99.com/jmeter-performance-testing.html