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I’ve recently setup mod_pagespeed for this site ( and mod_pagespeed and CloudFlare for  The combination should provide excellent Front End Optimization (FEO) as well as caching and CDN performance advantages.  Overall you should find my sites to be faster loading and more stable.  I encourage you to check out both technologies for yourself!






2 responses to “More Speed!”

  1. Ivan Avatar

    Hey Devon,

    aweber has caught up with 10minutemail and refuses to accept subscriptions to

    I’ll allow myself a speculation here: could it be that your mail server rejects mails to non-existent addresses? Because if this happens to be the case, autoresponders will be able to recognize domains like quickly and reject them.

    If on the other hand the server silently drops emails to non-existent addresses, this wouldn’t be as easy to notice.

    Well, actually, it would be. Because they could be able to notice the differences in click rates. This is getting too complicated …

    I noticed something else though:

    It has happened to me to get a “blocked” message: “You’ve used too many email addresses too quickly. Try again later. ”

    How many days apart should the consequent uses be? I’m asking because I’ve been blocked when attempting to use the service for the first time that day. Is this intentional?


  2. Devon Avatar

    I can’t speak to aweber, but I will probably rotate domains soon.

    Good catch on the blocked message! When I added the CloudFlare CDN to the mix, I broke some anti-abuse measures I had in place. I’ve made some updates that should have everything working correctly again.



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