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Seam 2.x Web Development

Seam 2.x Web Development by David Salter

Seam 2.x Web Development by David Salter

Packt Publishing just sent me a copy of their new Seam book entitled Seam 2.x Web Development. Authored by David Salter, it seems to be a well laid out practical guide to building web apps with Seam 2. I’ve only skimmed it so far, but will be posting an in-depth review once I’m able to read through it.

It’s great to have a book that covers the new features of Seam 2 and provides examples of common Web 2.0 requirements such as OpenID integration, AJAX/RIA interfaces, and multi-tabbed browsing support using conversation scoped components. Personally I’m interested in reading about the new(ish) Identity Manager API (which I haven’t played with yet) and trying to add OpenID support for the application I am currently building.

You can read the second chapter online here: Chapter 2: Developing Seam Applications and let me know what you think of it!

RichFaces Refcardz from DZone

DZone has added a new, free, quick reference sheet (Refcardz) for RichFaces.

It’s a six page PDF that covers everything from how to install RichFaces, to the basic concepts of using RichFaces, all the way through information on each a4j and rich tag and example usage. Refcardz are free, and so far I’ve been very impressed with them. I also really like their Seam Refcard. It has come in handy several times.

Download the RichFaces Quick Reference Guide for free!

GWT In Practice

I occasionally review technical book manuscripts for a couple of publishing companies. I reviewed GWT In Practice by Robert T. Cooper and Charlie E. Collins published by Manning, which just came out. First off, it’s a great book, and if you’re working with GWT or want to work with GWT, I highly recommend it.

Secondly, it has a quote from yours truly on the back cover:

GWT In Practice-back cover

I think that’s the first time my name has been on a real published book:) Maybe someday I’ll write my own book.