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  • JForum SSO (single sign-on) and Atlassian Crowd

    Over at our new ATG Developer Community site, we’re using Atlassian Crowd to manage our user accounts, groups, and single sign-on (SSO) between Jira, Confluence, to manage Subversion authentication, and to handle the forums (JForum) user accounts. There was an example on how to integrate JForum and Crowd, which works pretty well. When you login […]

  • How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java – Better Way

    Based on helpful comments from Matt on this previous post: How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java I have upgraded the image resizing code. The results are noticeably better in quality, even at thumbnail sizes. I wanted to share the completed new code, in case anyone needs it. Again, thanks to Matt S. for his […]

  • How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java

    Edit: please read the better way here: Better way to Resize Images Using Java! ———————– I am building a Seam application which need to support users uploading images, and then the site displaying them. I wanted to resize big images into something reasonable (say 1024 or 800 px wide) and generate a thumbnail, and I […]

  • Constants

    What – constants in Java While Java does not have a built-in Constant type, functionally constants are supported through the use of two modifiers: final and static, like this: public static final int NUM_CARDS_IN_DECK=52; First, we define the variable as public, this is not necessary for using the constant within the same class, but is […]