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  • Session and Memory Leak on Wildfly 10

    Session and Memory Leak on Wildfly 10

    I recently re-wrote 10MinuteMail, my secure temporary email service, updating it from Seam 2 and JBoss 4.2 to Deltaspike and Wildfly 10.  Unfortunately I noticed a memory leak in the JVM.  During beta testing, the JVM heap usage would slowly grow, over 1-2 weeks until it reached an OOM (out of memory condition). I performed […]

  • JBoss Performance Tuning and MasterTheBoss

    I review technical book manuscripts for a few different publishers, and recently had the pleasure of working on an upcoming book called JBoss Performance Tuning by Francesco Marchioni.  It’s coming out in December 2010 and will be a must have addition to your bookshelf if you deploy applications on JBoss. The book contains extensive performance/load […]

  • JBoss JMS Doesn’t Create Tables with XA Datasource

    The JBoss Messaging service (at least on JBoss 4.3 EAP) defaults to using a local Hypersonic database. For production use you’ll want to switch away from Hypersonic to a real database, such as Oracle (in this example). If you’re using XA datasources in general, it’s tempting to go ahead and create the new DefaultDS datasource […]

  • Make Google Ignore JSESSIONID

    Search engines like Google will often index content with params like JSESSIONID and other session or conversation scope params. This causes two problems: first the links returned in the Google search results can have these parameters in them, resulting in “session not found” or other incompatible session state issues. Secondly it can cause a single […]

  • Setting Cache Headers from JBoss

    Having control over the HTTP response headers allows you to set cache related headers in responses for various content you’d like cached on the browser (or an intermediary proxy). I created the ATG Cache Control DAS pipeline Servlet a year ago, but when you’re using JBoss you need another solution. Since the DAF pipeline is […]

  • ATG License IP Checks on JBoss

    Some ATG product licenses are bound to a specific list of IP addresses. However, it may validate that in a somewhat counter-intuitive manner, at least under Linux. If, for example, you are running ATG within JBoss on a server with multiple IP addresses (or multiple NICs), you might expect that if you bind JBoss to […]