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  • JBoss jsessionid Query Parameter Removal

    Instead of just using the Apache mod_rewrite rules from my post on “Hiding jsessionid parameters from Google“, which uses redirects, wouldn’t it be better to simply not output the jsessionid parameter into the URLs? First, what are those jsessionid params, and why are they there? For a web application to have state, i.e. remember things […]

  • Hiding jsessionid parameter from Google

    If you’re running a website on JBoss you may discover that Google has indexed your pages with a jsessionid query parameter in the links. The Google crawl bot does not support cookies, therefore JBoss uses the jsessionid query parameter in order to maintain a session state without cookies. These query parameters can impact your Google […]

  • 10MinuteMail upgraded again

    Moved up to Seam 2.0 CR3, and JBoss 4.2.2. I also optimized some code, got rid of some useless error logging, etc… Hopefully it will perform a little better:) So far it seems to process incoming e-mail much faster, which was a bottleneck under load. Enjoy!

  • Top Ten Tools

    I was surfing around today, and saw this article about the top ten tools you use. As far as getting work done on the computer (I’m taking the computer for granted and not counting it as a tool, although for it all to come together it’s worth noting I use an Apple MacBookPro with 4GB […]

  • JBoss Tools Properties Editor Surprise

    No, not the kind of surprise with cake. The latest JBoss Tools Eclipse plugin, which if like me you are running on a platform that they haven’t released RedHat Developer Studio for is a pretty good option, which can be installed through Eclipse using this update URL: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/development Sets up your default editor of .properties […]

  • Firefox, xhtml, JBoss 4.2.0, JSF, and Google Ads

    I upgraded the JBoss instance on my server just over a week ago from 4.0.5 to 4.2.0. Two things happened after that: Firstly, my google adsense revenue dropped by half, secondly I was contacted by two different people who were having some e-mails show a big error in Firefox, instead of showing up correctly. I […]