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  • Updated JIRA to Omnifocus Integration

    Updated JIRA to Omnifocus Integration

    Updates to my JIRA Omnifocus Integration I have made some long over-due updates to the Jira OmniFocus integration I wrote a year ago.  Sean Kane provided a great pull request earlier this year where he’d made some massive improvements to the packaging and installation of the tool.  I just fixed a couple minor bugs, added support for…

  • Jira to OmniFocus Integration

    Jira to OmniFocus Integration

    At Spark::red we use Jira extensively for internal projects and tasks, for alerts and issues, and for handling client support requests.  It’s a great tool.  I also use OmniFocus for other types of tasks: personal, errands, write an email to so-and-so, create a proposal, etc…  What that’s left me with is two separate to-do lists,…

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