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Updated JIRA to Omnifocus Integration

Updates to my JIRA Omnifocus Integration

I have made some long over-due updates to the Jira OmniFocus integration I wrote a year ago.  Sean Kane provided a great pull request earlier this year where he’d made some massive improvements to the packaging and installation of the tool.  I just fixed a couple minor bugs, added support for syncing the Due Date of a Jira ticket to an OmniFocus task.  I also found a very inefficient scan of existing OmniFocus tasks, which I was able to improve.  For me this led to the script going from taking ~50 seconds, to now completing in about 2 seconds.  Not bad for modifying one line!


Where to get it

Find the latest Jira Omnifocus Integration code and install instructions here:  https://github.com/devondragon/jira-omnifocus

Please log any issues you find at GitHub issues and I will try to provide more timely support and enhancements as I am able.








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