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  • July 23rd 2012 Track Day at Loudon, NH

  • Ducati Summer

    I’ve been getting out on a motorcycle as much as I can this summer.  Work has been super busy (our business tends to flow in cycles), so I haven’t been able to ride as much as I’d like, but it’s still been a good summer.  I picked up a track bike early this summer so […]

  • Driving and Drive

    Driving and Drive This is a two topic blog post written hilariously late. As a long time New Englander, someone who grew up in and learned to drive in the snowy mountains of Vermont, and someone who has a very strong interest in driving and motor-sports, I consider myself a great winter driver.  I’ve spent […]

  • Ducati Track Day at NH Motor Speedway

    Only three days after I was in Loudon, NH at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) two Sundays ago, which you can read about in Emma’s Blog post about NASCAR, I was back in Loudon, back at the NHMS, but this time it wasn’t a family outing, I was here alone to ride my Ducati […]

  • Driving my car on a race track

    Two weeks ago I took my Audi S4 up to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway for an Audi group track event. Spanning two days the event was a mix of classroom learning and track time, usually with an instructor in your passenger seat, coaching and giving feedback and advice as you drive around the track, […]