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  • SpamCop RBL is Blocking Several Facebook Mail Servers

    If you are using the SpamCop realtime block list as part of your anti-spam measures, be warned that they appear to be blocking several legitimate Facebook mail servers. I’ve seen them blocking the following Facebook mail server IPs: Presumably there’s a whole block of IPs that SpamCop is blocking. Since I like […]

  • Please Stop Using Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo mail servers have been consistently delaying or rejecting e-mails for over a year. You can read about it here: http://www.ahfx.net/weblog.php?article=107 Or just Google for “4.16.50”. The short of it is that even with a low volume personal mail server, with the correct spf records, without running an open relay, without being blacklisted by ANY […]

  • 10MinuteMail Performance Improvement

    After having a clearly better approach to mail delivery pointed out to me by a friend yesterday, I pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail out last night. End users shouldn’t notice anything different, but behind the scenes the mail acceptance and delivery is MUCH higher performing. There should be less incoming mail delays, slow pages, […]

  • 10MinuteMail Updates

    I just pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail. Here are the notable updates: Removed the Ad-Aware links and text. No one was clicking on them anyhow. Added some translation fixes. Implemented AJAX based (RichFaces) refreshing of the list of e-mails in your inbox. Added smtp client throttling (in Postfix) to limit the number of messages […]

  • How to cleanout your postfix queues by sender

    This post is mostly to help me remember how to do this, if the situation arises again. I just had a lot of mail backup on my server. The 10MinuteMail inbox was over 300 MB (usually it kept below a megabyte), Postfix’s active queue was maxed out at 20,003 entries (why the 3, I don’t […]