Emma’s Birthday

Emma’s Birthday
Yesterday was Emma’s birthday. As a surprise present we went paragliding at Mount Tiger. Paragliding is where you run off the top of a mountain and use a parafoil as a wing to fly around. Normally on a good day you can use updrafts and thermals to stay aloft for over an hour. Unfortunately the weather was against us and our ride was only about 5-10 minutes. But it was still totally amazing. You can see video of Emma launching off of the top of Mount Tiger in Washington.

After paragliding we also went out to dinner and I had ordered a speciality cake:





7 responses to “Emma’s Birthday”

  1. Emma Avatar

    Best birthday ever!
    Now if only i didn’t suck at the running part of paragliding… We’ll have to go again so I can practice and get better at it. :)

    Not only was my cake adorable & an awesome representation of Fifi & Senor Lemur, but it also tasted great and made a very yummy breakfast.

  2. Russell Avatar

    Happy Birthday Emma!

    Jenny, Russell, & Zoe

  3. Mum Avatar

    Love the video, esp with the music! Looks like it was an awesome experience.

    Love the cake, what a great job – even has the 3 legged Fifi!

    Good job, Devon!

    Happy bday Emma!

  4. […] I had a really awesome birthday, as I wasn’t sick yet, and Devon had some amazing surprises planned. He took us paragliding, which was totally amazing, although I still need to brush up on my take-offs and landings. For dinner we went to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Seattle, and for dessert he ordered a custom cake from Central Market that featured a jungle scene with Fifi & the Lemur swinging from vines. You can check out the video of me starting my paraglide adventure and pictures of the cake at Devon’s blog post here. […]

  5. Steven Wilson Avatar

    I was the pilot who flew with Emma and I like your video clip. I would be happy to use it on my website if you don’t mind. What is the music you have with it? It is nice.

    I hope both of you come fly again when conditions allow for longer flights.


  6. Devon Avatar

    Steve, great to hear from you. Feel free to use the clip on your site. The quality isn’t great as it was just shot with my tiny digital camera. The song is Walking in the Air. It’s from The Snowman movie.

    We’d love to fly again! Once the weather gets a little better.

    I’m also debating trying to get qualified for solo flights. It was so much fun.

    Thanks again!

  7. Grandma McCrea Avatar
    Grandma McCrea

    Wonerful pictures. You told me Devon had a surprise for you. Buying a refrigerator?????
    Love, Grandma

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