A sense of security

Last night we went to a Halloween party. It was fun, and in a cool location, a large artistic studio warehouse thing underneath an interstate bridge. There was an outdoor area with a bar, a firepit, and a projection screen. There were two indoor areas: one with a bar and a performance area with musical acts and burlesque performances, and the other with a coat check and a dance floor and a dj.

Being somewhat of a non-social-butterfly I spent most of the evening at the entrance keeping my friends, who were running the security, company and keeping drunk girls in mini-skirts from trying to walk alone through a somewhat industrial area looking for a cab.

I may end up working security at some point in the future, as I had a very good time.

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Hugs from cute asian girls.
  • “He was on the phone with his lawyer. Who turned out to be his brother-in-law. Who turned out to not be a lawyer.” – about a guy who had to be forcibly ejected.
  • Christian having no game (Sign).
  • Emma having an amazing Britney Spears costume.
  • James having an amazing Blackwater costume.
  • and much much more

Doing security at the entrance means you get to see everyone coming and going. You get to see how people act when you ask for their ID and money. You get to see people getting thrown out. You get to see all the drama and crazies. It all happens at the gate.

We didn’t get to sleep until a little after 4 AM, and I”m feeling it today.






2 responses to “A sense of security”

  1. […] Check out all my pics from that night, as well as our friend James’ costume. He was working security for the party and came dressed as a Blackwater Operative. It was awesome. And you can read Devon’s blog post on the party here. […]

  2. Emma Avatar

    It was a pretty cool party. Cool acts, lots of creative outfits, stiff drinks. But the most exciting action was certainly at the entrance. :)

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