Bachelor Party in the Big Apple

I traveled to New York City this weekend in order to attend a good friend’s bachelor party. I caught a Jet Blue flight on Friday afternoon. I really like Jet Blue. Jet Blue and Virgin America are my two favorite domestic airlines, unfortunately they both currently have limited routes. Traffic getting into the city from JFK on a beautiful Friday around rush hour was pretty bad, it took about two and a half hours to get to my hotel in Chelsea. Luckily I was in a town car instead of a taxi, which not only meant that the price was fixed, and given the time involved almost certainly cheaper than a taxi, but also meant that I had a quiet, air conditioned, good smelling ride, without radio, cell phone conversation, etc… Very pleasant.

While I usually stay at one of the W properties, this time I tried a new place, the GEM Chelsea. The hotel is new, and while the room was extremely small it was very clean and all the fixtures and amenities were very nice. The front desk staff was extremely helpful with everything from finding a good delivery restaurant to arranging for a town car to the airport this morning. The only particularly unfortunate event was Saturday morning. After a nice hot shower I stepped back into the room, and immediately the fire alarm went off, not only in my room, but in the whole hall or possibly the building. A moment later I could hear the NYFD pulling up outside the hotel. Nothing like an ear shattering alarm and meeting hotel staff and firefighters in your towel to really start the day off right.

I had several hours to kill before the bachelor party events kicked off. I walked up the street and got a turkey and swiss on a poppyseed bagel and a grapefruit juice. I hiked up to the huge New York Post Office, and ate brunch on the steps while people watching. Then I walked through Times Square, fighting my way through all the tourists, and grabbed a chai from Starbucks. I headed up to Central Park and strolled around a while, watched birds, watched people, and eventually rolled my ankle while climbing some rocks. I headed back to the hotel where we were all meeting.

Poker was followed by Korean BBQ, and then the Gotham Comedy Club. A good time was had by all.

I slept 5 hours, and headed back to JFK, where I am now, waiting for my flight home to Boston. There will be some Mother’s Day festivities. Hopefully you’re doing something for your mom today too!





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