Normally I’m all for Fraud Protection and security and all that stuff.  But Bank of America takes it to an awful new level.

I was doing some online Christmas shopping while watching a movie here tonight.  On one of the purchases my Bank of America MasterCard was rejected, so I used another card.

Then Bank of America called me on my cell phone to see if it was really me, and to unlock the freeze they’d put on my account.  I had to answer the typical security questions, SSN, DoB, Mother’s maiden name, recent charges, etc…

Then they started asking some fun ones:

“What are the names of the two golf courses nearest to where you lived in Kenmore, WA?”  First of all, that’s like 5 years ago, secondly I’ve never been golfing.  I know where the nearest coffee shops always are, but apparently that doesn’t count.

“What are the full names and street addresses of five neighbors?”  I have no idea.  I just moved here, and I’m not a super neighborhood kind of guy.

And so on.  And if they managed to ask a question that I actually knew the answer to, they ended up having bad data on their end.  Apparently my SSN was issued from a state we lived in after we moved away from where I was born, so they didn’t believe me that I was born in Minnesota.  And so on.

I spent over 30 minutes of my evening attempting to convince the people who called me, that I was really me.