Bank of America Fraud Protection Sucks

Normally I’m all for Fraud Protection and security and all that stuff.  But Bank of America takes it to an awful new level.

I was doing some online Christmas shopping while watching a movie here tonight.  On one of the purchases my Bank of America MasterCard was rejected, so I used another card.

Then Bank of America called me on my cell phone to see if it was really me, and to unlock the freeze they’d put on my account.  I had to answer the typical security questions, SSN, DoB, Mother’s maiden name, recent charges, etc…

Then they started asking some fun ones:

“What are the names of the two golf courses nearest to where you lived in Kenmore, WA?”  First of all, that’s like 5 years ago, secondly I’ve never been golfing.  I know where the nearest coffee shops always are, but apparently that doesn’t count.

“What are the full names and street addresses of five neighbors?”  I have no idea.  I just moved here, and I’m not a super neighborhood kind of guy.

And so on.  And if they managed to ask a question that I actually knew the answer to, they ended up having bad data on their end.  Apparently my SSN was issued from a state we lived in after we moved away from where I was born, so they didn’t believe me that I was born in Minnesota.  And so on.

I spent over 30 minutes of my evening attempting to convince the people who called me, that I was really me.






11 responses to “Bank of America Fraud Protection Sucks”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    That pretty ridiculous and kinda funny too. Who would even know the answers to those questions?!?! You should have come and had more fun losing miserably at trivia!

  2. harrison Avatar

    hey, just googled “bank of america fraud protection sucks” and found this. just got done with 30 minutes of the same merry go round, but now have to go to an actual banking center with multiple forms of ID to unlock the account. This will end up costing BOA customers, Chase offers so much of a better experience its a bit unreal. John Paulson should reconsider his huge investment in these guys, their commercial side is a joke.

  3. Romano Avatar

    Well I walked into a BAC branch, showed my ID, and withdrew money from my joint business account in wich I was a co-signer on. My ex partner filed a fraud complaint and BAC Ingenious solotion was to crdit the account without even looking @ the account history to see if a fraud actually took place. My ex-partner withdrew the credited money and left town leaving a negative $3,000!!. Great investigating!!! It would have taken all of a second to find out that the money was withrawn by a co-signer on the acct. & @ a branch location. So If you want free money from Bank of America, just say your missing thousands of dollars and they’ll give it to you. P.S you going to have to run leave town. lol

  4. mike Avatar

    i had to cancel my bofa account because of the fraud protection department. they started freezing my card about once a month. then it turned into once a week, then every time i used my card it was frozen. the people at the fraud department were sarcastic and rude accusatory. when i tried to establish a record of who i had been communicating with, they’d give me fake names and extensions. i’d frequently get booted off hold.

    and now wikileaks is about to dump a whole bunch of files on these Aholes… popcorn ready.

  5. Matthew Avatar

    I recently had a fradulent charge of over $2,000 placed on my Bank of America MC, and the only reason I knew about it was because I check my account online frequently – Bank of America never contacted me.

    The charge was for a supplier of hardware for the military and the aviation industry, which I have never done business with (nor with any other similar companies, as my credit card is a regular consumer credit card, not a business card). This did not send up any red flags for Bank of America.

    By contrast, a couple of months ago I placed a charge of less than $200 on my card from a store I have shopped at before (just a different location one town over), and that resulted in my account being frozen.

    Bank of America really needs to get its collective mind around what actually constitutes a legitimate red flag for a suspicious transaction – right now they just ignore the large and truly suspicious transactions and shut off your card when you make a small, typical purchase of a type you’ve made before.

    I’ll be getting rid of that account very soon.

  6. James Avatar

    Fck Bank of America! Just this morning 4/25, I called BOA because I thought my card was frozen or put on hold or some crap. So, I get this guy on the phone asking a buzzillion questions and I can’t even understand his accent. He was asking me about the random charges to my account but because of his accent, I had to ask him to repeat the Vender name. It got to the point, I had to log on to my account to see what he was talking about. There was one charge for a dolllar, yes $1.00, that I couldn’t understand the Vendor names. Now, I have to wait 5 days to get another Card. This whole BOA fraud protection is BULLSH*T! I check my account at least every two days.

  7. James Avatar

    I am DONE with BOA. I heading to Chase.

  8. James Avatar

    It is very embrrassing to use your BOA card and you get declined or rejected. I use my card frequently for purchases less than $200. I agree BOA should go after the larger purchases NOT the $1.00 purchase.

  9. Michelle Avatar

    BOA just put a freeze on my account and couldn’t tell me the reason why. It took me over an hour to get through to unfreeze my account. Even the local branch couldn’t unfreeze my account. It’s total BS !!

  10. John Avatar

    Agree with each and every complaint on here. BOA SUCKS! I have a better chance at gambling than I do actually being able to get my money out of the bank. Even after answering all the multiple questions, just about every question accept how long my last erection lasted, they told me that I didn’t pass the security check and account was locked until I visited a local branch.

    This is NOT a inconvenience, this is a severe liability that could leave someone stranded on the side of the road, in a airport, traveling, the list goes on, without any access to their money, DANGEROUS!

  11. Sidney T VanAssche, MD, MC, SFS, LtCol (ret), USAF, NV ANG Avatar
    Sidney T VanAssche, MD, MC, SFS, LtCol (ret), USAF, NV ANG

    Well it is very inconvient to have your card frozen but it gets even worse if you actually have fraud on your account. Last year I had three fraudulent ATM withdrawals on one of my account. They gave several ridiculous reasons to deny the claim. What was even worse was the hold times to speak to the claims department. Mine peaked at 140 minutes on hold with similar experiences every call. Which were several.

    Now Bank of America has failed to post a $520 cash deposit to my account. To my dismay I was referred to where? The ATM claims department. I almost blew a gasket. After I waited on hold for thirty minutes I gave up fearing to relive previous horrors.

    When will Bank of America adequately staff their claims department. It’s not a money maker but is the banks simple responsibility to resolve these problems without punishing customers with punitively long hold times.

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