Car trouble and good friends

I drove my friend Gordon downtown to pick up his new Ducati.  On my way home, my car died suddenly about a mile from home.  It would start, idle roughly, and die at any touch of the gas pedal.  I couldn’t even limp it a few feet.  I called AAA, and waited, and waited, and found out they had dispatched it to the wrong area, so they had to re-do it.  While waiting my friend Christian called, and told me to unplug the MAF, which sounded like crazy-talk, but after I did it, I was able to the start the car and drive home without issue.  Once there, Christian actually drove over, and helped me check things out.  Turns out I had blown an intercooler hose off the intercooler pipe.  Easy fix: just put it back on and tighten the clamp.

Moral of the story is it’s good to have friends who will help you out of a fix.






2 responses to “Car trouble and good friends”

  1. Emma Avatar

    Christian is way better than AAA. However, can he also get you hotel discounts and lower your car insurance? :)

  2. Christian Avatar

    No hotel discounts or lower car insurance, but I do make a mean pizza.

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