It’s hot here.  I’ve taken my third shower today.  The apartment I’m in is very nice, although has some oddities.  For instance, there’s no soap.  There are about 20 small conditioner bottles.  And zero shampoo bottles.  Things like that.  So I had to go shopping.  Unfortunately the closest grocery store was just over a mile away.  It’s over 90 degrees here.  So, instead of the gym, I walked to the store, bought a lot of stuff, and carried back.  A VERY good work out.

I’ve also identified the two most important other locations, in order of importance:

  1. The closest Starbucks
  2. The office I’ll be working at this week






One response to “Columbus”

  1. The Lemur Avatar

    Only a Starbucks? No small local coffee shops? ::heavy sigh::: What heathens. ;)

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