Last night we went to the Nectar Lounge in Seattle, to see our friends perform.  The band they are in is the Heavyweight Dub Champion.  The samples I had heard on iTunes were a little too far into the Reggae realm for my preference, but I thought it would be cool to see my friends performing.  Russell came with us, which was nice.  We haven’t gone out much lately, so heading out at 10:45 to go to a show was fun.

The crowd was mostly dreadlocked, and there was a small white girl waving a Jamaican flag.  There were also two people painting near the stage on an easel.  I’d never been to a show with an audience like that.  Russell and I were some of the only guys with short hair.

The live show was great.  The music live was way more like an Industrial/Electronica feel than the Reggae-ish feel of the music on iTunes.  With Jillian’s vocals it was right up my alley.  Good music for dancing or for coding to.  If you get a chance to see them, DO IT!





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