First Day of School Jitters

I start my new job tomorrow.  I’m a bit nervous.  Starting anything new is always somewhat scary I think.  I’m also working from home for the first time in a few years.  Logically I KNOW I can work from home effectively, I’ve done it before and it worked out great.  Logically I KNOW I won’t have any issues with the job.  I’ve been doing enterprise level ATG architecture for about eight years now.  I’m very good at it.  Even still there’s anxiety there.

I spent today getting my home office all setup to have my new laptop be my primary machine, and cleaning things up so there’s no visual noise or distractions.
It looks pretty good.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early (the new company is on EST, I’m on PST), maybe hit the gym first to get my body warmed up and the blood flowing, have a protein drink, get a huge mug of water, and lock myself in the office and get cracking.  Assuming I have something to start cracking on by then:)

My push for improvement has settled down into more of a marathon pace a less of a sprint, but is still there.  We hit the gym yesterday, we’re sticking with our weekly menus, which I LOVE, I’ve been trying to cleanup a space or surface every day.  Our yardsale pile in the guest room keeps getting bigger as we find more and more things that we don’t need.  I’m working off of my iGTD list every day and making headway, slowly but surely.  I feel pretty good.






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