I am back in Seattle, and have been for just over a week.  Unfortunately my wife is now on the East coast for two weeks visiting family and attending a wedding.  It’s still great to be home.  Even though I totally love spending time with my wife, every few months it’s nice to get little bit of bachelor time to myself.  While I typically envision it spent playing XBox and eating pizza, the reality isn’t quite as exciting.  I work a lot more, on work-work and personal-work, I tackle the time-consuming chores I’ve been putting off (like changing the oil in the S4 and the Ducati), I take care of all the household chores that are usually shared (laundry, dishes, iguana care, etc…), I watch bad TV shows (currently I’m working through all the old Relic Hunter episodes), etc…  Nothing too glamorous.

I feel pretty good about all the things I’m getting done, but I really am looking forward to getting my wife back:)






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  1. Emma Avatar

    Aww! I miss you too. Although I think that you just want me back so I can take 2-3 days to do a load of laundry. :) BTW, make sure to watch as many of those really bad sci-fi shows as you can before I get back, so I won’t have to watch them with you… Especially Special Unit 2. :)

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