It’s my Birthday

Today I turn 30 years old, which is a pretty big milestone. Stepping past my 20s seems pretty intimidating.

Ignoring the fact that I’m actually a pretty down to earth responsible working guy, the 20s to me are associated with youth, dancing at clubs, being wild and reckless, making fun a priority, college escapades, etc… The 30s seem to scream living in the suburbs and going to bed by midnight (yes, I know I live in the suburbs, don’t rub it in). I know there’s no rules about what you can and can’t do, but it just seems like a pretty big shift.

So this is all I can say about turning 30:






2 responses to “It’s my Birthday”

  1. Emma Avatar

    Weren’t you in your teens in college? :) Luckily you’re married to a hot-young-thing who is still in her 20’s and will still help you to make fun a priority in your life. Love you!

  2. Mom Avatar

    Devon, as I hope I exemplify for you, age is just a number that does not define your life. There is no destination age, no ending.. just every moment in between birth (I remember every thing about the night, and day, and night, of your birth) and passing on… Moments to savor, enjoy, make the most of, create energy in, love, and be mindful of. Be where you are. Be aware of where you are. Know that it is the perfect place, because YOU are there. You have more in your life than most and the suburbs are fantastic. Pay attention. Don’t let the moments go without knowing them, nodding to them, smiling at them. It is not all good, but it is not all bad. It just is… Be here now. I love you. MOM

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