New Floors and No Sleep

We are getting new hardwood flooring installed in most of the upstairs (everywhere except the two bathrooms) to replace the old stained carpet. We’re about halfway through the whole process. The floor is about 95% in place, with the final wood getting laid down tomorrow morning. Then Monday and Tuesday will be used for sanding and finishing with a matte product. It should look amazing. Pictures will be forthcoming once it’s done.

In the meantime we’ve moved most of our belongings down into the library, and are sleeping in the media room. It’s a little like camping. The hardest parts have been getting up at 6 AM in order to be up and ready before the flooring guys arrive at 7, and the noise. It’s a VERY loud process, with hammering, saws, etc.. going all day. I work from home and the noise has been pretty rough, even with headphones. I’m also concerned about how stressed out it’s making Fifi. Today we spent most of the day sitting out in the yard with Fifi, enjoying the sun. It was much quieter and very pleasant.

When removing the master bedroom’s closet’s shelving and drawers I discovered that the pieces were in amazingly bad condition. They appear to have been cheap to begin with, mostly fiberboard and rough metal fixtures. At this point most of the pieces can barely stand up, and the drawer unit has fallen apart entirely. So I don’t want to try to reinstall those, which means we have to buy or build a new set of shelving, drawers, and hanging rods within the next few days. Likewise once the new floor is in place, I’d like to get the office setup the way I want. Paint the walls, build a custom desk, put up shelves for my books and doo-dads, build shelving in the closets, new window shades, new lighting, all that. I spend 8-16 hours a day in there, and I’d really like it to be perfect. That’s a lot of work/time/cost as well, and right now I’m just feeling pretty slammed. Lots to do, and not enough time to do it in.

Wish me luck.






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