New Laptop

My new laptop arrived. I’m doing the setup tonight, and probably tomorrow night as well. it’s time consuming to get a new computer setup the right way, with the right software, the right settings, and getting it to feel like a comfortable productive environment. At some point I’ll put up a list of my “Must Have” software. But not tonight.

I bought the book The 4-Hour Workweek today. After reading the author’s blog and some articles, I want to see if he’s a standard self-help snake-oil salesman, or if he’s got something else going on. Some of his articles are great, and hey, anyone who was a champion cage-fighter bears listening to.






2 responses to “New Laptop”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    I recently finished the Four Hour Workweek. I quite liked it for a number of reasons, but on the other hand, there IS something a little ‘off’. I can’t imagine a society where everyone tried to play by his rules..

  2. Devon Avatar

    Yeah. I haven’t made it very far in. I feel somewhat embarrassed about reading it in public. At least it’s not The Secret:) It seems like his position lent itself to outsourcing, delegation, etc… more than say, my position might. At least my day job.

    Things like 10MinuteMail require very little ongoing attention. That said, many of my ideas that I haven’t finished yet could probably be outsourced and launched as profitable applications quickly and cheaply, however the problem with that is that that would free up my spare time to do….. well I like doing development and learning new technologies, so outsourcing that very task in order to free up my time makes little sense from a personal happiness stand point, even if it would make sense from a business perspective.

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