New Office

After working in the dining room for two months, the home office is finally done. We had new floors, paint, and trim done upstairs, but then I built a custom desk, printer stand, and closet shelving.

New Office1

The reason I built my own desk, is that I really wanted a desk where I was facing the corner, so that my large display wouldn’t block out the windows (like it had with my old desk). I wanted a desk where I could roll around the whole “L” without banging my knees into legs/struts/etc… I wanted a desk where I could hide wires and mount things to the underside. I wanted a desk that worked just right for me, and fit the space just right.

The desk is built out of a sheet of 3/4″ Maple plywood. I used some bracing to connect the two pieces so the desk top would be stable and wouldn’t bow. I attached legs around the sides and rear edges, with the “L” shape supporting the front edge. I used an acrylic clear coat to make the top waterproof and protected. I also used large cup hooks screwed into the underside of the desk to keep wires tucked up and hidden. I have lots of space, everything looks clean which helps mentally, and the desk is just the right height, etc… Big fan.

You can see more photos of the desk, and the whole office here:

Devon’s New Office






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