This has been an amazing weekend weather-wise. Not just here, but also in Seattle. Seattle ended up getting more snow in 24 hours than it had received for the entire 6 years I lived there. Then they had 90+ mph winds last night. Crazy.

Here in Chelmsford we got close to a foot of snow yesterday. We shoveled off the deck and the walkway, and I fired up the snowblower and cleared out the driveway. I love the snowblower. It has tank treads and throws the snow well over 50 feet. It also has a canopy to keep me out of the wind and blowing snow. Plus a headlight. Sweet!

Emma in the driveway

Then today we have gotten another 8-10 inches so far (still coming down) and are due for 55 mph winds. I haven’t bothered shoveling/snowblowing today, as I’m pretty sure the high wind tonight will put the snow wherever it wants.

Pictures of it all are here!

We spent most of today sitting in front of the fire in the library with the christmas tree and Fifi, sipping hot chocolate and working on our laptops. It’s been lovely!

I hope you are all warm and safe.






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