Spook Country

I just finished William Gibson’s latest book, Spook Country.  William Gibson is the father of cyberpunk, one of my favorite sci-fi sub-genres.  I’ve read, own, and love all of his books, but I especially enjoyed Spook Country.

Lately, with this book and the one previous to it certainly, he has evolved away from distant future works with prevalent virtual reality, space stations, and post-human characters and focused on things that are or could be the cutting edge of today’s world.  Fads, technologies, and businesses that might be out there right now, but you won’t hear about them until next week or next month.  His writing style, as always, makes me feel more alive somehow.  I’ve thought for a bit on how I can express it, but I really just can’t.  It’s not the poetic imagery of a Nicholas Christopher novel (or poem), but it absolutely strikes a resonant chord within me, every time I read one of his books.

Just to give you a taste: the book includes a giant squid, a shipping container full of money, several iPods, a guy named Inchmale, a Brabus Maybach,  and a KGB trained Cuban.

Enjoy it!







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