The Birthday Massacre, Dommin, and Vigil

Show and Tell Tour Flyer
Show and Tell Tour Flyer

Last night we headed into Central Square, where I used to live about 8 years ago, but I haven’t really seen much of since. The Birthday Massacre was playing a show at the Middle East. I lived in Boston for years, and the only time I went to the Middle East Downstairs was for an art show. This was my first concert there. We showed up just after the door opened. Luckily the first opening band, Dommin, was AMAZING! They totally blew away my expectations for an opening band. I was hoping to buy their stuff on iTunes when I got home, unfortunately they only have one song available there, so I really wish I’d bought a CD at the show (assuming they were selling CDs). Anyone know where I can get one?

The next band was I Am Ghost, which despite having a pretty awesome name, and a great poster, really wasn’t up my alley. They may have been technically good, but they were way too thrash/scream for me. Emma liked them though, so that’s good.

The Birthday Massacre was up next, and this was the first time I’d seen them live. The show was awesome! Chibi, the singer, had such great energy and stage personality. She really engaged with the audience individually, and had these great expressive swings from cute little girl to slightly crazy evil demon:) I will DEFINITELY see them live if they come this way again. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time.

Afterward we stopped off at Vigil at the Middlesex Lounge for a bit before heading home. Vigil felt like a mini-Manray on Wednedsay, and it was fun to see a lot of folks I recognized from when I was in Boston before. Plus DJ’s Dirge and Chris always play good stuff.

It was also great to see my old friend Amy and Emma’s friend Mikey D!





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  1. Emma Avatar

    The concert was awesome! I’m so glad I came with. I liked I AM GHOST, but I imagine that that’s partially because I’m into the hardcore/thrash/screamo stuff. But yeah. Good times. Also, Chibi is adorable.

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