The Move.

We bought a house in Chelmsford, MA, outside of Boston.  We moved 3,000 miles from Seattle.  We’re settling into a new house.

I keep meaning to write a big post about it, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get that done.  So here are the high-lights:

Finding and buying a house from 3,000 miles away isn’t easy.  Emma did most of the hard work, and found the best house in the world.

We looked at the big full-service moving companies like Allied Van Lines and United Van Lines.  The online ratings were very hit or miss.  Seems like you could get lucky and have a great experience, or you could have absolute hell on earth.

We opted to use a local company to pack and load our belongings into an ABF U-Pack trailer.  We also used Intercity Lines to transport Emma’s car.  The three companies ended up being all 5-star rated, and were all GREAT to work with.  Also, the total price was about $2,500 cheaper than the Van Lines companies.  Huge fan.

We drove out on I-90 with Fifi, as lizards don’t fly well.  We did the trip in four long days.  It was fun.

I love my car.

Owning a house is a mixture of terrifying and awesome.  It’s a HUGE thing to actually own.  there’s a TON of work involved in upkeep, and making it the way you want it.  It’s also awesome to be able to drill holes in walls, run cat-6 cables, and plan your kitchen renovation.

I’ll get pictures up soon.  I promise.






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  1. Matt Sidesinger Avatar
    Matt Sidesinger

    When I moved from San Diego to Columbus, I did a combination of ABF U-Pack and I pulled a small U-Haul trailer with my 4 cylinder Element:

    We bought out house sight unseen. My parents took a look at it for us, which is not highly recommended, but it turned out alright.

    Good luck on the kitchen renovation. Here’s mine: – the before and after are like night and day. I recommend not going to Lowes or Home Depot as their contractors they use are not exactly perfectionists, although there prices are good.

  2. Devon Avatar


    the kitchen is very nice looking! Congrats!!! Although it may have been faster to have your dog/pony pulling the U-Haul:)

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