Wanted: Broken Noses

I went to the theatre with Emma this past Friday and saw the movie Wanted. First off, I’ve gotten so spoiled with my home theatre. No annoying people. No lines. No sub-par seating. The movie was great though. Great effects, lots of fun, great cast, etc.. I had a very good time.

If you like that sort of fun action movie escape, it’s a great one. Go see it.

Also: I think that anyone who laughs or smiles or whatever when someone is getting beaten up in a movie, and mean graphically seriously beaten, is either a psycho or has never actually had their face pounded on. Or both.

Having your nose broken sucks. It hurts, it bleeds, you choke on your own blood, you feel like your face has caved in, and the noise it makes shattering is like no other. Your face is really a collection of very fragile, irreplaceable, things. Teeth, eyes, your brain, ear drums, jaw bones, occipital bones, and more. Contrary to what you saw in Fight Club, a detached retina isn’t cool. Having your jaw wired shut isn’t fun. Brain damage from your brain being knocked into your skull repeatedly isn’t sexy. Loosing teeth isn’t awesome.

I’ve had my nose broken a few times. Once badly enough that I need surgery to glue all the pieces back together. I’m not a pacifist. I’m sure I’ll end up in a fight at least once more. But when someone gets their face driven into a concrete floor, you won’t find me cheering, I’ll be wincing, and remembering that sound your nose makes when it breaks.






2 responses to “Wanted: Broken Noses”

  1. Emma Avatar

    Awesome post! The movie was great in a gritty cringing way. Now, watching our fellow movie go-ers cheering when the main character was getting seriously beat down (in addition to the scene where they exploded the warrior rats) was a downright terrifying and perplexing moment. The public at large is weak.

  2. Kristin Avatar

    I know I was just cringing throughout the entire movie. It was intense and violent, and I felt their pain. It was good…but in a uncomfortable kinda way – not a cheering in the aisles kinda way. :)

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