Weekend In Maine

This past weekend I went up to Maine with some friends for a long weekend. It was initially planned as a medium sized group of friends to go up and work on fun, non-day job, coding and development. Unfortunately many people were unable to come at the last minute so it ended up just being three of us. It wasn’t how I had planned it, but it ended up being an absolutely great time anyhow.

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My friend Jon rents a cabin on Sebago lake in Maine over the summer and kindly offered to host the event there. The cabin is beautiful and sits right on the lake, with a long dock, perfect for fishing or swimming. It has a large waterfront screened in porch which is perfect for avoiding the afternoon heat and the evening bugs. There is also a large common room with a fireplace , tons of seating, and a long table. The bedrooms are small but feel cosy and comfortable.

I drove up on Saturday afternoon, settled in, and then the three of us went shopping for food supplies. We did some coding and grilled up dinner and got a fire going in the lakeside fire pit for a while before the dark, cold, and some bugs finally chased us inside, where we lit another fire in the fireplace in the common room, and hung out, coding, talking, and just enjoying the relaxing time with friends by the fire.

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On Sunday morning I was first awake, which is prety unusual for me. I took advantage of the beautiful morning on the lake by going for a swim first thing. The lake water was chilly but it was a great way to wake up and soon I was happily swimming around and floating on m back watching the sky. I really love being in the water and I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity. After a shower I made some breakfast and we all ate some cinnamon rolls and OJ.

More coding in the late morning and early afternoon, and then we headed out to grab lunch and rent jet skis. Ive only jet skied twice before, but it’s always a blast! This time was no exception. Christian and I blasted around at breakneck speeds, getting air off wind borne waves, and generally having a great time!

The afternoon was filled with some fishing (to no effect), RC boat racing, and coding. We cooked up chicken fajitas for dinner and worked by the fire before an early bed time.

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Monday was another early morning for me, with a brisk swim and then some fishing. This time I hooked a frisky little 8″ fish, snapped a photo, and let him go. Breakfast was eggs and biscuits. More coding on the deck followed. Our afternoon diversion was a trip to the drivnign range where I learned that I should really just get a 5 wood and a putter and nothing else:).

Two more folks showed up Monday night and we did grilled meat for dinner. We had a big fire by the lake and I invented a great desert. Take a smore but replace the Hershey’s chocolate sections with a Reeces peanut butter cup. It’s amazing. Try it. Now.

Tuesday morning was the earliest morning and the coldest swim. I tried my hand at fishing again after my swim but while I was able to hook a few fish, they all escaped before I could get the back to the dock. I made some french toast with leftover bread and wrapped up a few things on my weekend project before I headed home shortly after noon.

It was a really great time. Getting away from work, chores, bills, and a change of scenery can’t be overrated. It was beautiful and my time was my own. I felt productive and engaged in everything I was doing. I found I needed less sleep and slept better than usual.

I want to go back. For a week or two. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]






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