JBoss Performance Tuning and MasterTheBoss

///JBoss Performance Tuning and MasterTheBoss

JBoss Performance Tuning and MasterTheBoss

I review technical book manuscripts for a few different publishers, and recently had the pleasure of working on an upcoming book called JBoss Performance Tuning by Francesco Marchioni.  It’s coming out in December 2010 and will be a must have addition to your bookshelf if you deploy applications on JBoss.

The book contains extensive performance/load test results giving you hard data to work with when deciding which changes to make in your environment.  Some of the results were very surprising and the book has a lot of valuable data.

The author, Francesco Marchioni, also runs a popular JBoss related blog called MasterTheBoss.com.  There are a ton of great articles and posts there, so check it out!

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