33 thoughts on “New review of 10MinuteMail by Altin

  1. 10 Minute Mail Service rocks! But to make registration on some pages easier, you should add a small feature: clickable links in incoming e-mails.
    Best regards.

  2. Seems like you are parsing way too many URLs now.
    I tried to send a MultiPart-Mail to 10-minute-mail and when I try to read it, all the URLs (including image-sources and so on) were rewritten as links, which basically made the mail no longer readable.

    • k: can you provide an example e-mail? I should only be parsing URLs in plain text e-mails or the plain text portion of multipart e-mails. HTML/rich parts should be left alone 100%.



  3. “It appears that you’ve already created an account with us. Graboid only allows one user per account. Please contact support@graboid.com with the email address you tried to register with.”

    this is when i get when i try to use a 10-minute-mail adress..
    it worked fine ’till couple of days ago i think its the @lhsdv part thats not working.
    i had this before but then you changed the name after the ‘@’ and then it worked again.

  4. Hi,
    I am the humble developer of a modest Firefox Add-On that aims at helping people avoid Spam. It just simplify the usage of temporary email address generator, like Yopmail or Mailinator. Some users have asked me to add 10MinuteMail to the list, but I don’t know how to proceed as I haven’t found any API for your service and don’t want to do that without your permission. Can you tell me if you may allow such usage, and, if yes, what solution to do so ?


    BenoƮt Bailleux

    • Benoit,

      I don’t provide APIs for 10MinuteMail. I’m torn. On one hand, making it easier to use the service is good for folks, and I want to support that. On the other hand, the ads are the only real support I get, so making it available to people who don’t view/click on the ads, increases my traffic/costs without increasing the ad revenue which supports those costs. I’m not sure the best way to balance things.


    • John:

      If anyone is seeing delivery issues, please let me know what server/service the e-mail is coming from, if you get a bounce notification, or if it’s reproducible (signing up at a specific site, etc…). I do block several known spam servers.

      • Hi im using gmail, ive sent 2 test emails when a possible anonymous client said he emailed me. Nothing has arrived to the inbox after 15 minutes and the client is gone.

  5. Hi Devon, i need a big help if is possible… i created an account lot of time ago (doman “@bofthew.com”) with a temp mail, but now i really need to change the email in my real, but for do this i need to click and the link sent to the old (temp) mail…

    i have any possibility to get it?

    and thanks for your service!

  6. I think its time for a domain change. nepwk.com is now being rejected by a lot of sites I like to use a temp email address for. May I ask how often the domains are rotated to prevent this? I know there are lots of temp email services around but yours is my favorite and I would prefer to continue using it

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for this service, it’s very useful, but I have some problem now!
    I signed up a account and received a confirm email by the 10min mail, then I don’t need to receive the junk mail.
    But when I want to change come setting with my account, I found that it need to check the confirm email again, but the 10min mail address is got randomly, I cannot use it anymore, but I really need to change some informations and settings with my account! Can you help me? Thanks

  8. I just made a mailaddress with 10minutemail, but I can’t receive anything. I need to activate a link from a site, but the address doesn’t work. Can you help me?

    (I’m sorry, I don’t speak english very well, i’m from holland.)

    • Fay,

      it seems to be working, I’ve tested several times sending from various accounts. It could be that the site is blocking 10MinuteMail addresses? I’m really not sure.

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