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  • Migrating 10MinuteMail from Java to GraalVM Native

    Migrating 10MinuteMail from Java to GraalVM Native

    As the developer of 10MinuteMail, a disposable email service, I have been running the service on Java for many years. I am always looking at new technologies and embracing new things.  Recently I decided to not only upgrade from SpringBoot 2.x to 3.x, but also to migrate the application from Java to GraalVM Native. What…

  • New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    10MinuteMail is over 14 years old!  When I created 10MinuteMail back in 2006, it was for two reasons: first to help me deal with all the spam email I was getting and second so I could teach myself the JBoss Seam framework.  I had no idea at the time that so many other people wanted…

  • Sovrn Advertising Doesn’t Understand The Word NO!

    I get contacted by various advertising companies about running inventory on 10MinuteMail pretty often.  I’m pretty happy with my Google AdWords setup there, and every time I’ve tried another firm I end up losing money and wasting lots of time, so for the last few years, my answer is a polite, but firm, “No thank…

  • Recent Server Downtimes

    I wanted to apologize for the recent outages of this site, and 10MinuteMail, etc…  My server’s been having hard drive issues, and after a failed attempt it’s finally been cut over to a new RAID array.  Things should be MUCH more stable going forward!  

  • 10MinuteMail Opera Extension

    Wessel Bosman created an Opera plugin for 10MinuteMail. It looks cool, so if you’re an Opera user check it out here:

  • New review of 10MinuteMail by Altin

    Altin, who also provided an Albanian translation for 10MinuteMail (which will be launched very soon), wrote up a nice review of 10MinuteMail, which you can read here: Avoid Spam With 10MinuteMail Service.

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