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  • New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    10MinuteMail is over 14 years old!  When I created 10MinuteMail back in 2006, it was for two reasons: first to help me deal with all the spam email I was getting and second so I could teach myself the JBoss Seam framework.  I had no idea at the time that so many other people wanted…

  • Session and Memory Leak on Wildfly 10

    Session and Memory Leak on Wildfly 10

    I recently re-wrote 10MinuteMail, my secure temporary email service, updating it from Seam 2 and JBoss 4.2 to Deltaspike and Wildfly 10.  Unfortunately I noticed a memory leak in the JVM.  During beta testing, the JVM heap usage would slowly grow, over 1-2 weeks until it reached an OOM (out of memory condition). I performed…

  • New review of 10MinuteMail by Altin

    Altin, who also provided an Albanian translation for 10MinuteMail (which will be launched very soon), wrote up a nice review of 10MinuteMail, which you can read here: Avoid Spam With 10MinuteMail Service.

  • Nice Review of 10MinuteMail

    Based on these three factors “a) Ease of use b) Intuitive c) Clean Web Interface” 10MinuteMail was selected as the recommended Temporary E-mail Service by Inficone. You can read about it here: 10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service

  • 10MinuteMail and Form Submission Charsets in Seam/JSF

    I launched a minor update to 10MinuteMail.com last night. It contained: Changed the mail domain to owlpic.com Updated the Russian language translation (thanks to Vladimir) Fixed a bug where replying to an e-mail using a non-latin character set would result in an unreadable e-mail (also thanks to Vladimir for pointing this out) This last issue…

  • Don’t Cross the Streams!

    It’s always funny when different aspects of your lives cross. For instance: 10MinuteMail is one of my projects, and Ulta is a contracting client I do a lot of work for. It’s just funny to see an Ulta ad on 10MinuteMail:)

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