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Design Pattern for Updating an ATG Order

This is from a post Jeremy Sears made here on the ATG_Tech Google Group, but I thought it was nice and clear and worth reposting. All credit to Jeremy for this:

“In general, the design pattern for updating an order is as follows:

  1. Acquire lock-manager write lock on profile id from the /atg/commerce/order/LocalLockManager
  2. Begin […]
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CAPTCHA with Seam in Three Minutes

Adding a CAPTCHA to a form using Seam is easy now that Seam is bundling jCaptcha.

The Seam documentaiton is good, and can be found in section 13.9 here:

If you used seam-gen to create your project, you will need to make a few changes.

First, you need to modify your project’s ant build script to deploy the captcha jar into your ear (or possibly .war). In the target “ear” of the build.xml file, you will find a list of many jar files being copied from your project’s lib directory into the ear. Simply add the captcha jar to that list, like this:

<include name="lib/jcaptcha-all-1.0-RC6.jar"></include>

Now that the jar is deploying, you need to reference it in the application.xml file found under your project’s resources/META-INF directory. Add this entry:


If you used seam-gen you will find that the Seam Resource Servlet is already defined in your web.xml so the step defined in the documentation in section 13.9.1 is not necessary.


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Apache Proxy & Making Things Look Nice

I recently setup a dev/build server with Jira, Confluence, Hudson, ATG (with two web apps and the atg admin), Oracle (with web admin), and Postgres (with web admin). I’m running everything independantly, and […]

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ATG Installation on OS X

While ATG runs fine on OS X, and while many people inside and outside of ATG use OS X as their primary operating system, the ATG installer STILL doesn’t work under OS X. It “mostly” works. It seems to work, it installs things, however if you try to do stuff, like patch, or like adding other ATG modules, things don’t work. The culprit is the installconfig/config.xml. If you install on Solaris for instance, you get one that looks something like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<config xmlns=”*”>
<install xmlns=””>
<product name=”ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine” version=”2006.3″>
<product name=”ATG Consumer Commerce” version=”2006.3″>
<product name=”ATG Content Administration” version=”2006.3″>
<product name=”ATG Portal” version=”2006.3″>
<product name=”ATG Business Commerce” version=”2006.3″>
<systemEnv xmlns=””>

when you install under OS X you end up with an atrophied little file like this:


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Top Ten Tools

I was surfing around today, and saw this article about the top ten tools you use.

As far as getting work done on the computer (I’m taking the computer for granted and not counting it as a tool, although for it all to come together it’s worth noting I use an […]

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