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Why I Won’t Deal With TransAmerican

Generally I’d never post about a negative business interaction. We’ve all worked with bad recruiters, bad employers, bad contractors, and so on. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t want to bad-mouth anyone.

That said, TransAmerican has pushed my limits too far. These guys are some sort […]

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10MinuteMail Performance Improvement

After having a clearly better approach to mail delivery pointed out to me by a friend yesterday, I pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail out last night. End users shouldn’t notice anything different, but behind the scenes the mail acceptance and delivery is MUCH higher performing. There should be less incoming mail delays, […]

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Preventing Multiple Submits On An ATG Form

Often, you’ll want to prevent impatient users from clicking a submit button multiple times, as you can end up with multiple actions taking place, or object state can get in a bad way leading to errors. For this example we’ll assume you have a final Submit Order form that actually places the order, auth’s the […]

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