Why I Won’t Deal With TransAmerican

Generally I’d never post about a negative business interaction. We’ve all worked with bad recruiters, bad employers, bad contractors, and so on. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t want to bad-mouth anyone.

That said, TransAmerican has pushed my limits too far. These guys are some sort of ATG recruiting firm or something, I really don’t know. They started calling me perhaps 6 weeks ago, asking if I was interested in a position. I told them very clearly, that I was on a contract which I was very happy with. That I would be at least through the end of the year. And they could call again in January. The same guy called again the next week. And twice every week since. I could not have been more clear, every single time. I was polite, but clear that I was not interested. And it was the same guy calling every time. I don’t know how many ATG architects named Devon at my phone number he’s dealing with, but the complete inability to respect my clear wishes, is amazing.

I will never do business with TransAmerican, and I would recommend that everyone else avoid them as well.





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  1. Trans-American Avatar

    are you still looking for work?


  2. Devon Avatar

    They called again, today. *sigh*

  3. Russell Avatar

    http://www.taistech.com/ – nothing about ATG on their site, and not a partner.
    If you read their site content, they must specialize in late 90’s buzzword creation & management — “offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals and horizontals. ” Too bad – I was also looking for some diagonals.

    I’ve submitted your resume on your behalf, told them you were desperate for work, and willing to move to their New Delhi office so you may better do the needful.

  4. Matt Sidesinger Avatar
    Matt Sidesinger

    I just got a call from Trans American during the convenient hour of 9:30p EST. I told the recruiter that I have not heard good things about his company and that I unfortunately was not going to be able to do business with him. Of course, he was persistent and eventually I had to hang up on him. I was polite the entire time, except for the hanging up part.

    Less than 5 mins. later I got a call from his boss man. He said that the guy that just called me was “very concerned.” He proceeded to tell me for the next 5 mins. how great his company was. I told him that if his company is indeed as reputable as he said it was, then they would have no problem moving on without me.

    I told him that I was not at liberty to tell him from whom I heard these bad things from, but he had no problem telling me the name of the person who he thought it was…stay classy Trans American!

    1. Devon Avatar

      That’s pretty funny! On the upside I’ve almost hit my 6 month anniversary of being Trans American free! (hopefully this wont jinx it).

      Hope you’re doing well!

  5. Russell Avatar

    Rock on! That’s pretty awesome.

  6. Devon Avatar

    They just e-mailed me with a job req. :(

  7. Devon Avatar

    And again:


    This is Rajat from Trans American. We have an urgent requirement with one of our client, Please respond with Resume, Rate and Phone numbers of the Consultant. Make sure the Consultant’s skills match the requirement.

  8. Matt S. Avatar
    Matt S.

    If you don’t reply, they will call your house in the middle of the night.

  9. Devon Avatar

    They just called me again. Amazing.

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