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ATG SEO – Accessibility and GoogleBot

Semantic Tags

Use the right tags for the job. For high importance headings use <h1>, for lists use <li>, and so on. Don’t JUST use CSS classes for styling, make sure you’re also using the appropriate HTML markup for your content. By using semantic markup you can identify the importance and structure […]

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ATG SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search is Rocking

No matter how good your website or web application is, if people can’t find it, then it doesn’t do anyone any good.

The Secret to SEO

So how do you game Google? How do you trick search engines to put you at the top?

You […]

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“No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse

A couple of days ago I started having issues updating my Eclipse plugins. I’d get a “No repository found containing” error for several of the repositories that it was trying to update from. Here is a quick fix:

  1. Go to Help->Software Updates, then select the Available Software tab and click the Manage Sites button
  2. Use […]
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Reduced Prices for ATG Hosting from Spark::red

ATG Managed Hosting from Spark::red

Spark::red, the best ATG Hosting provider around, is offering reduced pricing on ATG Hosting and is committed to being aggressively competitive on price in order to help clients save money during the current economic slump.

Check out the ATG Hosting Economic Stimulus Special Offer for more information […]

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Make A Custom RichFaces Skin

Using RichFaces in your application makes it easy to build great rich interfaces without spending a ton of time writing custom JavaScript for the front end and the back-end support for the JavaScript calls. It ties into your JSF components easily and makes dynamic interaction easy to build. It also comes with a […]

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