“No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse

A couple of days ago I started having issues updating my Eclipse plugins. I’d get a “No repository found containing” error for several of the repositories that it was trying to update from. Here is a quick fix:

  1. Go to Help->Software Updates, then select the Available Software tab and click the Manage Sites button
  2. Use the Export button to export the sites to a bookmarks.xml file
  3. Open the bookmarks.xml file in your favorite text editor, and add a trailing “/” to any of the site urls which are missing the “/” on the end. Save the changes.
  4. Back in the Manage Sites window within Eclipse, select all of the sites and click the Remove button
  5. Now, click Import and load in the edited bookmarks.xml file

Now try your import again, and it should work.






62 responses to ““No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse”

  1. guixx Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this quick fix.

  2. Marxist Zygote Avatar
    Marxist Zygote

    Thanks a whole lot! This has been driving me crazy.

  3. Devon Avatar

    Glad I could help!

    1. santiago Avatar

      in Eclipse I see Help but i do not see “Software Updates” as an option.
      Please I need help to to fix this Repository issue.
      Thank You.

      1. Devon Avatar

        The name has changed in various Eclipse releases. Try looking under Preferences for anything related to updates or update sites.

      2. dhruvam Avatar

        Help->Install New Software and in this window enter the plugin site as http://plugins.genymotion.com/eclipse/ and uncheck the option: Group items by category.
        i also had the same problem. it worked for me…Try it

  4. Jon Strayer Avatar

    Thank you very much. But this is only part of the solution I needed. The other part was to unselect some of the sites I had selected for update.

    1. Devon Avatar

      Good to know!

  5. Remington Furman Avatar
    Remington Furman

    Thanks a lot for this tip. I never would have guessed the solution.

  6. James Avatar

    I reckon you’ve saved me about 3 or 4 hours here… thanks a lot!

  7. Devon Avatar

    You’re very welcome!

  8. bbossola Avatar

    Thanks, works like a charm!

  9. Sridhar Avatar

    Thanks for the quick fix, it saved my time so much.

  10. JWY Avatar

    This really helps! Thanks!!!

  11. BoD Avatar

    Thank you so much, it worked!

  12. Felipe Avatar

    Thanks, it helped a lot.

  13. m$-h8r Avatar

    fantastic, thank you. i was about to re-install eclipse and this saved it.

  14. James Polanco Avatar

    Thanks! I have no idea how you figured this out, but I am glad you did and decided to share.


  15. hex Avatar

    well done

  16. Hrvoje Avatar

    Thank you for the tip… but I solved it after I REMOVED the trailing “/” mark. I am using Eclipse Galileo 3.5, and problem was mylyn update for this version of Eclipse.

    Thought I’d share this if someone else had a similar problem…

    1. Devon Avatar

      Thanks for the tip! Clearly the universe has gone crazy:)

  17. […] and the IDE itself. I tried to install those, but kept running into update failures. A few dozen No Repository Found Containing… errors and I was ready to pull my hair out, but I opted to try Devon’s suggestion […]

  18. pengan Avatar

    It’ really work

  19. M.hardy Avatar

    Thanks alot. It worked !!!

  20. Mich Avatar

    Thanks for the help man!

  21. dubrox Avatar

    thank you, very useful :)

  22. Vinay_India Avatar

    Yaar..!! you’re Good..!!

  23. Dinesh Sharma Avatar
    Dinesh Sharma

    Thanks it helped….jst there is path change i m using Galilieo on ubuntu

    1. Help->Install New Software In that click on the Available Software sites OR

    2. Window->preferences->Install/Update->Available software sites.

    follow the same process of adding the trailing slash. You can also check if its working or not by just EDITing one repo url and using TEST CONNECTION tab.

    1. ying Avatar

      worked. Thanks a lot!!!

  24. florin Avatar

    yeah, it really worked!!!

  25. John G Avatar
    John G

    Thanks for this tip, can’t believe it’s the solution :)

  26. Dave D Avatar
    Dave D

    An ounce of fix prevents a pound of error messages! Thanks!

  27. Sangeetha Avatar

    This saved my time! Thanks!

  28. Jörg Avatar

    ahhhhh this helped me so so much…

  29. Bladez Avatar

    No necessarily to do all those import export and stuff.
    Eclipse has a problem with itself. But it can be solved with a simple startup of

    cmd> eclipse.exe -clean

    it will take awhile to startup but eventually it worked for me. coz partially sometimes eclipse has problem unzipping files or so n partial files unzipped.

  30. Ryan Mottley Avatar
    Ryan Mottley

    The last comment worked like a charm. Thanks

  31. Kenny Avatar

    Eclipse is like a giant cogwheel machine with a hundred thousand parts that work amazingly well most of the time. When something does fail, you’re stupefied. Now only if you would explain how you arrived at this solution, it’d be mind opening.

  32. SusantaC Avatar

    For me the original suggestion did not work, I got the same error. However, “eclipse -clean” as suggested by Bladez on February 27, 2012 at 10:59 pm solved the problem. Thanks to all of you.

  33. Kachwahed Avatar

    To be honest it doesn’t work for me, until I removed all oracle’s url from Available Software Sites as motioned here: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/m/856519/
    I still have some urls without / at the end. Thanks a lot anyways.

  34. Abhishek G Avatar
    Abhishek G

    None of the above solution worked for me for RAD 7.5.Any other alternative??I am fed up with this.:-(

  35. David McClain Avatar

    Adding the trailing slashes seems to have completely removed the update sites from my Available Software Sites list in 4.2

    1. Henry Avatar

      This (also) did not work for me, and as reported also removes the sites where I’ve added a trailing slash.

      What worked for me was unticking the ‘Contact all update sites…’ when installing.

      Suggest the (now less helpful) posting needs revision/updating.

      1. Key Avatar

        All the solutions above did not worked for me but yours, thx a lot :)

  36. e-motiv Avatar

    Thank you so much! Was driving me insane!

  37. Jesse Mosley Avatar
    Jesse Mosley

    Both methods worked for Juno. The eclipse -clean finished the job. Thank you all.

  38. Willem Avatar

    Thanks, this worked like a charm for me :-)

  39. Nathan Avatar

    Thumbs way up!!!

  40. Marcia Nunes Avatar
    Marcia Nunes

    Thanks a lot! Until now, in 2013, it’s still working :)

  41. Ingrid Avatar

    I had to remove all my update URLs and then readd the ADT one. Then it started working!

  42. […] received a reply from Martin Lippert here. Basically, he suggested two things; one was (through another site) to export the update sites, edit the exported file manually to add trailing slashes to any URL […]

  43. pozar Avatar

    Good job! Thanks ;]

  44. Wallace Jackson Avatar

    I actually removed the trailing “/” as well and it worked. One would wonder why google would not text this for a project as major league as Android. ;)

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  46. Steven Avatar

    Thanks, it works for me !

  47. Dessimat0r Avatar

    Unbelievably, this has not been fixed yet, and this solution still seems to be working.

  48. jtl999 Avatar

    I was installing maven integration for eclipse and this fixed it. Thanks.

  49. LK Avatar

    Thank you so much. This issue had eaten half a day of mine and no other fixes helped. Your did. Thank you.

  50. nland Avatar

    Wow, this is a lifesaver. Lost a day to this same issue, this solution worked for me!

  51. Ezhil Avatar

    Thanks man.. It works..

  52. cuq Avatar


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