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Interesting Phishing Technique

I got contacted today with a non-form e-mail from a person offering a partnership which would “highly increase your context advertisement block (adsense) earnings” on 10MinuteMail. Essentially saying that they could increase my ad revenue, and would do that for a share of the increased revenue.

Which sounds good as I was wondering if there […]

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Spammers using a Thesaurus?

My wife received an interesting spam comment on her blog. At first glance it looked like it was just written by someone with an awful grasp of the English language, but then I realized that some of the words were just synonyms that didn’t actually work in context.

Take a look at the comment:

Hi. Very […]

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SpamCop RBL is Blocking Several Facebook Mail Servers

If you are using the SpamCop realtime block list as part of your anti-spam measures, be warned that they appear to be blocking several legitimate Facebook mail servers.

I’ve seen them blocking the following Facebook mail server IPs:


Presumably there’s a whole block of IPs that SpamCop is blocking. Since I like to get e-mail from […]

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10MinuteMail and Form Submission Charsets in Seam/JSF

I launched a minor update to last night. It contained:

  1. Changed the mail domain to
  2. Updated the Russian language translation (thanks to Vladimir)
  3. Fixed a bug where replying to an e-mail using a non-latin character set would result in an unreadable e-mail (also thanks to Vladimir for pointing this out)

This last issue was an […]

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