I got contacted today with a non-form e-mail from a person offering a partnership which would “highly increase your context advertisement block (adsense) earnings” on 10MinuteMail. Essentially saying that they could increase my ad revenue, and would do that for a share of the increased revenue.

Which sounds good as I was wondering if there was stuff I could be doing with layout or ad types to help increase clicks, except this was from a random guy at a gmx.com address, with no company name. Googling his name and e-mail address turned up nothing. So I replied asking for his company info or references, etc…

Sorry, but our company has no web
You will easteablish our credibility during partnership with us.
Lets just try it first, ok?
Put this code between the body tags on your 10minutemail.com
main page only:
<img src=”some russian site” />
It is an 1*1px transparent image.

Supposedly after I do that I’ll see the result in a couple of days.

So wow, little warning bells are now big warning bells. Adding a web bug can’t impact your Google adsense revenue. Adding a web bug to your site from a domain name with no website that’s registered by someone in Russia seems like a TERRIBLE idea! So of course I said no.

What do you think? Some sort of XSS attack, or cookie attack? I’m just not sure what the end game would be on this…