“No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse

A couple of days ago I started having issues updating my Eclipse plugins. I’d get a “No repository found containing” error for several of the repositories that it was trying to update from. Here is a quick fix:

  1. Go to Help->Software Updates, then select the Available Software tab and click the Manage Sites button
  2. Use the Export button to export the sites to a bookmarks.xml file
  3. Open the bookmarks.xml file in your favorite text editor, and add a trailing “/” to any of the site urls which are missing the “/” on the end. Save the changes.
  4. Back in the Manage Sites window within Eclipse, select all of the sites and click the Remove button
  5. Now, click Import and load in the edited bookmarks.xml file

Now try your import again, and it should work.

56 thoughts on ““No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse

    • in Eclipse I see Help but i do not see “Software Updates” as an option.
      Please I need help to to fix this Repository issue.
      Thank You.

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  2. Thank you for the tip… but I solved it after I REMOVED the trailing “/” mark. I am using Eclipse Galileo 3.5, and problem was mylyn update for this version of Eclipse.

    Thought I’d share this if someone else had a similar problem…

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  4. Thanks it helped….jst there is path change i m using Galilieo on ubuntu

    1. Help->Install New Software In that click on the Available Software sites OR

    2. Window->preferences->Install/Update->Available software sites.

    follow the same process of adding the trailing slash. You can also check if its working or not by just EDITing one repo url and using TEST CONNECTION tab.

  5. No necessarily to do all those import export and stuff.
    Eclipse has a problem with itself. But it can be solved with a simple startup of

    cmd> eclipse.exe -clean

    it will take awhile to startup but eventually it worked for me. coz partially sometimes eclipse has problem unzipping files or so n partial files unzipped.

  6. Eclipse is like a giant cogwheel machine with a hundred thousand parts that work amazingly well most of the time. When something does fail, you’re stupefied. Now only if you would explain how you arrived at this solution, it’d be mind opening.

  7. For me the original suggestion did not work, I got the same error. However, “eclipse -clean” as suggested by Bladez on February 27, 2012 at 10:59 pm solved the problem. Thanks to all of you.

    • This (also) did not work for me, and as reported also removes the sites where I’ve added a trailing slash.

      What worked for me was unticking the ‘Contact all update sites…’ when installing.

      Suggest the (now less helpful) posting needs revision/updating.

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