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  • 3 Reasons I’m Switching from Eclipse to VSCode as a Java Developer

    3 Reasons I’m Switching from Eclipse to VSCode as a Java Developer

    I have been writing Java code for 22 years, mostly server-side web applications. I started using Eclipse as my primary IDE in 2003, 18 years ago. Since then I’ve used Eclipse, or MyEclipse, if not daily then at least several times a week. And I like it as an IDE. I’ve evangelized it to others, […]

  • Eclipse Auto Complete Templates for ATG

    Eclipse has an often under-utilized feature called Templates. You’ve probably used the built in templates when Eclipse auto-completes for loops or try-catch blocks, etc… However, you can create your own templates for commonly used chunks of code. This can save you a lot of time, and more importantly can facilitate you writing better quality code. […]

  • “No repository found containing” Error when update Eclipse

    A couple of days ago I started having issues updating my Eclipse plugins. I’d get a “No repository found containing” error for several of the repositories that it was trying to update from. Here is a quick fix: Go to Help->Software Updates, then select the Available Software tab and click the Manage Sites button Use […]

  • Why I Love Having 8 Gigs of RAM

    I recently upgraded my primary computer from a 15″ MacBookPro with 4 GB of RAM to a 17″ MacBookPro with 8 GB of RAM. That probably sounds gratuitous. Here’s why it’s not: I’m currently running: Mac OS 10.5.6 Adium (IM chat client) Mail.app (e-mail client) iCal (calendar application) iTunes (music) OmniFocus (GTD todo list) TextMate […]


    If you use the Subclipse plugin to access subversion repositories from Eclipse using the ssh+svn protocol, you may see errors like this: SSH_OPEN_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED when you try to do too many things at once. When I tried switching to JavaHL instead of SVNKit, I got different errors, so that was out. Adding this line to my […]

  • Eclipse StartOnFirstThread Error (and fix!)

    This appears to be an issue with the JVM under Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), but I started getting the following error within Eclipse when using the ResourceBundleEditor plugin: It also apparently happens with other plugins/apps and is an issue with the AWT kit in the new JVM. After pouring through all of my Eclipse […]