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10MinuteMail and Form Submission Charsets in Seam/JSF

I launched a minor update to last night. It contained:

  1. Changed the mail domain to
  2. Updated the Russian language translation (thanks to Vladimir)
  3. Fixed a bug where replying to an e-mail using a non-latin character set would result in an unreadable e-mail (also thanks to Vladimir for pointing this out)

This last issue was an […]

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Interesting article about 10MinuteMail in the Taipei Times

It’s especially interesting how the availability of 10MinuteMail in so many different languages makes it more likely to be a popular site in other countries. It stands to reason, but not something I’d really considered directly.

If your site isn’t USA specific, you’d may want to consider offering your site in […]

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10MinuteMail Updates

I just pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail. Here are the notable updates:

  1. Removed the Ad-Aware links and text. No one was clicking on them anyhow.
  2. Added some translation fixes.
  3. Implemented AJAX based (RichFaces) refreshing of the list of e-mails in your inbox.
  4. Added smtp client throttling (in Postfix) to limit the number of messages accepted from […]
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