Interesting article about 10MinuteMail in the Taipei Times

It’s especially interesting how the availability of 10MinuteMail in so many different languages makes it more likely to be a popular site in other countries. It stands to reason, but not something I’d really considered directly.

If your site isn’t USA specific, you’d may want to consider offering your site in multiple languages.





2 responses to “Interesting article about 10MinuteMail in the Taipei Times”

  1. Zarko Avatar

    You are a very bad person. You make poor spammers to die. And I put you in my favorites instead.
    Brilliant idea!!!. Thank you!

  2. Russell Avatar

    wow. I’ll have what he is having. maybe two… you should really stop making poor spammers to die. Then maybe you would not be to the very bad. And I too put you in my favorites instead.

    Fraudster: Somebody set us up the bomb.
    Phisher: We get signal
    Spammer: What!!
    Phisher: Main screen turn on
    Spammer: It’s you !!
    Devon: How are you gentlemen !!
    Devon: All your SPAM are belong to us.
    Devon: You are on the way to destruction.
    Spammer: What you say !!
    Devon: You have no chance to survive make your time (Your email address will expire in 10 minutes).
    Devon: Ha Ha Ha Ha ….

    ok, I’m done now.

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