Sovrn Advertising Doesn’t Understand The Word NO!

I get contacted by various advertising companies about running inventory on 10MinuteMail pretty often.  I’m pretty happy with my Google AdWords setup there, and every time I’ve tried another firm I end up losing money and wasting lots of time, so for the last few years, my answer is a polite, but firm, “No thank you.  I am not interested.  Please do not contact me again.”.  Normally that ends it.

However, Sovrn Holdings doesn’t seem to understand.  I’ve had exchanges with 6 of their employees in the past 18 months.  A few were pushy and didn’t want to hear the “no thanks”.

However, yesterday morning I received an email from a Vet Smelko from Sovrn.  I quickly replied with my usual “no thank you”.  Then 3 hours later I received another essentially identical email from Vet.  Which I replied to a bit more emphatically:

I had already replied to your previous email from this morning about three hours ago.
At this point please do not contact me again.
Then I received an email from one of his co-workers, Kevin.  To which I replied, pointing out my previous two emails from Vet that same morning.
Then I got a 3rd email from Vet this morning.  They just don’t listen.  At this point it’s just harassment.
So I recommend AVOIDING Sovrn if at all possible.  If they don’t listen to me now, they won’t listen to you if you’re a client.






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  1. TJ Avatar

    i recommend legal action.

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